Service Environment™ for Oil & Gas

The rapid advancement of automation and information technology in the oil and gas industry requires a high level of expertise and resources to manage and maintain as it evolves, and to ensure security and optimization at all times. The ABB Service Environment™ has been developed specifically to meet these challenges.

The Service Environment™ is a complete service and support concept for the oil and gas industry. The comprehensive range of services provided are designed to generate maximum value from multiscope ABB deliveries throughout the field lifecycle.

The roles, responsibilities, authority and scope defined in the Service Environment™ are tailored to match the customer´s operation philosophy and requirements for service and support. The scope has been structured on international standards and oil and gas industry guidelines (, guidelines 104, 110).

A lifecycle service approach
Based on a highly developed quality system and tools, the Service Environment™ enables ABB to utilize expertise and deliveries from various ABB product and service groups, as well as customer resources and third party supply partners. This bundled service approach allows ABB to maintain responsibility for ISO processes, training, tools, simulator, telecom, electrical and third party suppliers.

The Service Environment™ program is structured in three main areas; Service, Operations and
Modifications. Service offerings are scalable and adaptable to individual customer and site needs.

Services - Ongoing service and support requests are handled through our Service Desk. Requests are registered and assigned to appropriate specialists for further response and follow-up. Inventory, applications and services are registered and tracked in our advanced Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Operations - ABB Remote Monitoring and Operations Rooms (ARMOR™) provide remote access to on-site automation systems. This service enables ABB to actively participate in ongoing system monitoring and process optimization.

Modifications - As a field matures and production requirements change, modifications of tools, processes and routines become necessary. The Service Environment™ program provides strategic planning, management and implementation services designed to ensure that our customers keep pace with ever-changing field dynamics.

Customer case – Norske Shell, Ormen Lange and Draugen
A/S Norske Shell has contracted with ABB to provide operations, service and support of the safety and automation systems for their Ormen Lange facilities and Draugen platform in Norway.

As part of the Service Environmentprogram, ABB provides Service Desk functions associated with work processes related to the automation systems. Experts from ABB work with Ormen Lange and Draugen from the company´s remote operations rooms in Oslo, Bergen and Stord.

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